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ROAD AMERICA! The name itself conveys many things, all good. Taken literally, it refers to the roads of the country. This is fitting, because the track was laid out as a copy of country roads in rural Wisconsin. Road America is the first of the purpose built road courses, and it became a model for many that followed. It is the oldest, and arguably the most successful permanent road course in the country. It has been praised time and time again by competitors from World Champions to club racers as the greatest road course in the country, if not the world. Beyond that, Road America conjures up images in the mind of time honored races: the June Sprints, the great days of the Road America 500 and the original Can-Am. The Trans Am has run here longer than any other track. Now the CART Fed-Ex Championship Series makes a yearly call. From the 500+ club racers who congregate each June to the thirteen World Champions who have tested its limits, it is simply the best.

In these pages you will find a comprehensive history of the track. It covers the genesis in the early street races through the first race in 1955 won by Phil Hill to the recent triumph of Alex Zanardi in the CART event. Further it covers every race run at the track - not just the feature event of the weekend, but every race and every support event from the Badger 200 of the early days to the Barber Dodge Pro Series of today and everything in between. If it happened at the track, it is here. Who won, what he drove, who he beat and what was significant about it. The early days when SCCA Nationals were the only game in town are covered in detail, with each and every class winner noted. In addition, over 130 photographs, most in color, illustrate great moments at this great track.

Along with this comprehensive history of the on-track competition is an overview of American road racing. Off track intrigues, sanctioning body fits and starts, series' life and death, key players, politics and the like are mentioned, giving the reader an understanding into why the racing scene is constantly changing. This places each season's racing into the context of the times and lets the reader know why as well as what happened.

Grab the book and read it through, then put it on your shelf only to pull it down time and again to find out who won the 1972 Formula 5000 race, why the track only ran one USAC pro race when USAC had an active road racing division, what was the Two-Five Challenge, who took the 1980 IMSA small sedan race, what was the Olds Pro Series, what was the displacement of the winning Ferrari in the 1958 500, why was the 1986 CART race run over a two week period, what was the Trans Am Twin 80s, what was Dave Causey and Luke Stear's greatest day and on and on. It's all here: hundreds of races, thousands of drivers. As you read it, you will smile with recollection as events of the past are recalled. This book is a history, but it is also meant to inform, educate and most of all entertain. Enjoy it.

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