A Morgan Called Red, Brooklands to Laguna Seca


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A fascinating history of a 1930 Morgan Super Aero three wheeler, which raced from 1933 until the outbreak of World War II. Included are the details of its early life with driver, Henry Baird, who campaigned the car, nicknamed Red, on the race tracks of England and also participated in European rallyes.

The text includes the many updates and modifications that were made throughout the years, as well as anecdotes and historical perspective throughout Red’s pre and post-war racing career. Numerous historic photos will delight the reader giving true insight into vintage racing, before it was vintage.

Also covered are the years of neglect, arrival in America, additional years of neglect and finally restoration and preparation for today’s vintage racing.

The author, who currently owns and races the car, has spent years researching the story and has made every effort to return Red to its former glory.

Softbound, 104 pages, 88 photos, 10 illustrations

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″

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