The Corvair 1960 – 1969


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From 1960 through 1969 General Motors produced a remarkable automobile. Its avant garde styling and mechanical layout separated it from Detroit’s typical offerings. Though it was conceived as an economy car, the Corvair was quickly adopted by the sports car set.

Now there is a book that details the evolution of the Corvair through changes in body, trim, interior and luggage compartment. Not a factory history or “how to” book, but instead The Corvair 1960 – 1969 “tells it like it was”, allowing the reader to determine the originality of all Corvair automobiles. It is the perfect library addition for Corvair owners, enthusiasts or prospective buyers.

Wayne Machan and Bill Bruggen describe the changes with the help of over 350 photos of original cars. Also included are color charts, option lists and a thorough discussion of part numbers and chassis numbering system. The Corvair 1960 – 1969 is truly a must buy for any Corvair person.

Softbound, 128 pages, 351 photographs, 6 illustrations

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″

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