The Used 911 Story, 9th Edition by Peter Zimmermann


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Originally published in 1981, The Used 911 Story, now available in a new Ninth Edition, has been substantially revised and upgraded by adding 100 pages and many new photos and illustrations. Author, Peter Zimmermann with over 25 years experience as a Porsche mechanic and shop owner, gives his unique perspective on the special qualities and foibles that come with ownership of these highly desirable sports cars. He relates it all in a very readable, logically presented format.

Year by year descriptions of Porsche 911, Turbo, Boxster and Cayman models are supplemented by chapters about inspection, purchase and other technical subjects; including, specifications, VIN and engine numbers. In addition, there are special sections about air-conditioning, Gray Market cars, aftermarket parts, air boxes and mechanical disasters in waiting. There is also a helpful glossary, a metric equivalents chapter and even a list of Porsche acronyms.

With the value of well-kept early cars now in six figures and some special versions seven, The Used 911 Story is a necessary library addition for any enthusiast of the marque, and mandatory for those planning an acquisition. Armed with the information contained, you will not be tempted to allow shiny paint and that, oh so special sound, to overcome your ability to determine which car is a good prospect and which one may end up being a money pit.

Chassis damage, a failed IMS bearing, oil leaks or worse can easily bust a budget. The Used 911 Story was written to save a potential buyer hundreds, even thousands, of dollars by providing enough information to avoid a used-car pitfall. Sellers beware, if you’re trying to sell a once great 911 that no longer is, your buyer might own a copy of this book.

Softbound 296 pages, 254 b/w photos, 17 illustrations

Dimensions: 6” x 9”

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